Novel Name : The Grand Secretary’s Pampered Wife

The Grand Secretary’s Pampered Wife Chapter 574.2: JiaoJiao and Long Yi

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The pale-faced Huangfu Xian was pushed out.
"The carriage!" Princess Ning'an's dagger pressed against Qin Chuyu's neck.
"Wahhh!" Qin Chuyu cried out loudly!
Empress Xiao's heart trembled. She gritted her teeth and said, "Su Qian, prepare a carriage for Princess Ning'an! It must be one that Xian'er can sit in comfortably."
Eunuch Su went to prepare a special carriage.
The martial expert carried Huangfu Xian and the wheelchair onto the carriage, and Princess Ning'an took Qin Chuyu onto the carriage as well.
"Lian'er, get on." She instructed.
Lian'er tearfully climbed aboard.
Princess Ning'an opened the curtain and said to Empress Xiao, "No one is allowed to follow. If I find out you did, I'll chop off one of his fingers!"
"The Seventh Prince has been kidnapped? Which city gate did they leave from?" Xiao Heng asked Eunuch Qin, who came to tell the news.
Eunuch Qin replied, "According to the message from the city guards, it was the west city gate."
"The west city gate." Xiao Heng got up to search.
Gu Jiao instinctively handed him a map.
Xiao Heng nodded, "Thanks."
He spread out the map and pointed to the official road outside the west city gate, saying, "Cangbei Path, Cangbei Mountain, Fenghuang Pavilion... Their horses should be tired by the time they reach Fenghuang Pavilion. There's a post station near Fenghuang Pavilion. If they want to change horses, they might stop here."
Gu Jiao asked, "What if they don't change horses?"
Xiao Heng frowned, "If they don't change horses, it might get a bit troublesome."
Dealing with Princess Ning'an wasn't difficult, but she was a crazier woman than expected. If provoked, she might really harm Qin Chuyu.
Moreover, there was also the injured Huangfu Xian. In a real fight, it would be difficult to ensure the safety of both children.
It wasn't safe for them to act on the official road, and if they also stopped, it was even easier to find loopholes.
The night was dark and windy.
A carriage raced madly along the official road outside the west city gate, with nine martial experts riding fast horses in front and behind the carriage.
The coachman said, "Princess, we've entered Cangbei Mountain. Five miles ahead is the post station at Fenghuang Pavilion, it’s the only one around here. The horses are getting tired, should we stop at the post station and change a few horses?"
Qin Chuyu had cried himself to sleep and was being held by Lian'er.
Princess Ning'an said, "Don't change horses, keep going. Someone is waiting for us ahead."
This meant they wouldn't stop even if the horses died of exhaustion.
"Yes!" The coachman responded.
"Cough cough cough!" Huangfu Xian coughed repeatedly and slowly opened his eyes, "My stomach hurts... I need to use the restroom..."
"Endure it for now."
"I can't... I... Urgh——" Huangfu Xian suddenly vomited something out.
Princess Ning'an frowned, looked disdainfully at the mess on the ground, and impatiently said, "Go to the post station!"
The carriage stopped at the post station.
"Lian'er." Princess Ning'an signaled to Lian'er.
Understanding, Lian'er pushed Huangfu Xian out of the back door of the carriage.
The carriage was soiled and needed to be cleaned up.
Princess Ning'an woke Qin Chuyu up, who immediately wanted to cry, but his throat had been hoarse from crying all the way, so he couldn't produce much sound.
Several of them got off the carriage.
Princess Ning'an said to Qin Chuyu, "You also go to the latrine, there won't be any place for you to pee halfway!"
Qin Chuyu had already urinated several times along the way, each time using a water bottle to catch it, which was driving Princess Ning'an crazy.
Princess Ning'an had one of the experts accompany the three of them.
"Young master, let me help you." The expert said.
The latrine outside didn't have any special facilities, and Huangfu Xian couldn't relieve himself alone.
"Okay." Huangfu Xian didn't refuse.
The expert carried Huangfu Xian into the latrine.
Lian'er and Qin Chuyu shivered in the cold wind outside, whether it was from cold or fear was unclear.
Before long, a loud cry came from inside the latrine, "Don't touch me there! Don't you dare touch me again! I'll kill you!"
The other martial experts nearby shook their heads in unison. Their young master had always had an unpredictable temperament.
What none of them knew was that beneath that fierce shout was the sound of something heavy falling to the ground and a muffled groan of pain.
The expert had already collapsed inside the latrine, and Huangfu Xian was lying on top of him, his face and hands covered in splattered blood.
"Lian'er, come in." He said calmly.
"Ah!" Lian'er also brought Qin Chuyu inside.
Seeing the scene inside, Lian'er's eyes widened in shock, and Qin Chuyu stared in disbelief, letting out a scream.
Luckily, his throat was already hoarse, so no sound came out.
"What's the matter with you, young master?" Lian'er crouched down, looking worriedly at Huangfu Xian, who was covered in blood.
Huangfu Xian tightly grasped Lian'er's hand and weakly said, "Lian'er, take him away."
Lian'er shook her head in fear, "I... I can't take him away... I don't know the way... I can't outrun them... It's impossible..."
Huangfu Xian suppressed the dizziness in his head, "You can do it, Lian'er... People from the palace will come soon...Go eastward... If the court people come to chase us... but don't want to be discovered... they'll take that path... I'll tell my mother and his people... that you killed this person... and you took Qin Chuyu west... They'll come to kill you... so you have to hurry..."
"What about you, young master..."
"I'm her biological son... I'll be fine... Hurry... before it's too late..."
Tears rolled down Lian'er's cheeks. She gritted her teeth and tried to carry Huangfu Xian on her back, "We'll go together!"
Huangfu Xian closed his eyes, "We can go together... But we won't get away..."
Just then, Qin Chuyu ran out with a swoosh!
Lian'er was stunned!
She was about to chase after Qin Chuyu when she saw him pushing the wheelchair from outside.
Both of his legs were trembling, and the hand pushing the wheelchair was also shaking.
Huangfu Xian weakly chuckled, "You're so scared of me, yet you want to take me away... Aren't you afraid I'll eat you on the way..."
Qin Chuyu's teeth chattered as he cried silently, "You... If you really want to eat... Just... Just take a small bite... Don't eat too much... I'm afraid of pain..."
"Why is it taking so long?" Inside the newly cleaned carriage, Princess Ning'an pressed her aching forehead, "Go see what's going on."
Another martial expert went to the latrine in the backyard.
The wheelchair was still there.
The curtain of the latrine was tightly closed.
The expert shouted inside, "Are you finished yet?"
No one responded.
The expert frowned and strode over, pulling open the curtain.
"Princess—— They're gone!"
On the rugged mountain road, Lian'er carried Huangfu Xian on her back, walking slowly, while Qin Chuyu followed behind, panting heavily.
"Move forward... Go left…”
“Go right..."
“Continue forward…”
Huangfu Xian weakly pointed out the way to Lian'er; he was barely holding on.
Lian'er asked anxiously, "Young master, where should we go now?"
To... the east...
"Young master! Young master!"
"There they are!"
Princess Ning'an's several experts caught up with them.
"Quick!" Lian'er took Qin Chuyu and randomly chose a mountain path, rushing forward with all her strength.
But how could they be a match for those people?
As they passed a wooden bridge, they were blocked by those people using qinggong, and the road back was also blocked by a few of them.
The river under the wooden bridge was turbulent.
If they accidentally fell, they would be swept away by the river in an instant.
One of the experts shouted angrily, "Lian'er, you have some nerve, daring to kidnap the young master!"
"I..." Lian'er looked around anxiously at the experts on both sides, trying to stay calm, "Don't come any closer! Otherwise, I'll jump into the river with the young master!"
"You dare!" The expert brandished his blade and rushed towards Lian'er.
Lian'er was too scared to move.
At the critical moment, a figure, almost leaving only a lingering shadow in the night, suddenly detached from the darkness and swiftly arrived behind the expert. With a sudden kick, the figure sent the expert tumbling down!
The expert fell into the water and was swept away by the rushing waves without even a chance to struggle.
Long Yi took care of the remaining experts, while Gu Jiao walked towards Lian'er and the others in the middle of the wooden bridge.
Tears welled up in Lian'er's eyes, "Physician Gu!"
She carried Huangfu Xian on her back and took Qin Chuyu towards Gu Jiao, but there was ice in the ravine of the wooden bridge. She accidentally stepped on it, slipped, and fell out!
Gu Jiao reached out to grab them, but she only managed to catch Lian’er while Huangfu Xian on her back fell out.
Without hesitation, Gu Jiao leaped forward and tightly hugged Huangfu Xian before they fell into the rushing river.Raz P.'s Thoughts

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