Novel Name : Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 511

Chapter 511

“Leiyin! Xiaomeng! Who do you think this is?”
Just when Naruto saw that his wallet was empty and lost, Sakura shouted when she saw the two people in front of him.
Leiyin and Xiaomeng were stunned when they saw Naruto, and then Leiyin had a surprised expression. “Heh, isn’t this Naruto?”
They were actually a classmate of the same class. Everyone had once participated in the Chunin Exam together and fight together when rescuing Sasuke. It was natural for them to feel different after not seeing each other for two and a half years.
“You are back.”
“Yes, I just came back yesterday.”
“Mm. Why do I feel like you haven’t changed at all? Other than growing taller.”
Sakura replied, “Yes, he is still the same.”
Following that, Naruto leaned close to Leiyin’s ear and said with an evil smile, “Are you two on a date?”
Although his voice was very soft, Meng Xiaomeng heard it and her face turned as red as an apple.
It had to be said that after two and a half years, Meng Xiaomeng had completely become a beautiful girl. It was not excessive to use the word stunner.
Hearing this, Leiyin’s expression did not change. “There is no such thing. This year’s Chunin Exam is about to begin. The Chunin and Jonin basically have to participate. Oh, right, this time, the people from Sunagakure are also here.”
Hearing this, Naruto narrowed his eyes. “The Chunin Exam, it really makes me miss it.”
Leiyin said, “By the way, Naruto, you just came back this time. Do you have any plans?”
“What plans?”
“Of course it’s the Chunin Exam. Speaking of which, it seems that you are the only one in our group who didn’t become a Chunin.”
Hearing this, the air around Naruto seemed to freeze in an instant.
“You.. What did you say” Three seconds later, Naruto almost roared out, “Is Sakura also a Chunin?”
Sakura made a “two” gesture, “Of course, Leiyin is now a Jonin, and Xiaomeng is also a Chunin. The Jonin who is the same age as Leiyin is Sunagakure Ninja.”
Naruto was shocked, “How could this be? By the way, where is Gaara? How is he?”
At this time, two men in flaming cloud uniforms were walking on the sand on the border of Sunagakure.
These two people were the two members of [Akatsuki], Sasori and Deidara.
Deidara looked indifferent. “Compared to the person we sent to Orochimaru, we should kill him first. It seems that someone among us betrayed us and leaked the information.”
Sasori also had a gloomy face. “What can I do? Even I don’t know what happened in the assembly after casting the ninjutsu.”
“Can we rely on this? The other party has Jinchuriki strength, and it’s a Kazekage!”
Suddenly, Deidara stretched out his right hand, but there was a mouth on his hand, which looked a little scary.
But soon, they were discovered by the ninjas of Sunagakure.
The two of them came with great fanfare. They didn’t even know how to dodge. It was difficult not to find them. This was also their absolute confidence in their own strength.
Under the command of a hidden captain, dozens of ninjas rushed forward together.
Seeing this, Deidara took out a large lump of clay and pinched it in his hand. In a moment, he pinched out many white birds and threw them at those people.
“Feel the art of explosion!”
Deidara quickly made a series of hand seals, and the white birds that were thrown next to the Sunagakure Ninja exploded.
They were all killed by the explosion.
The two of them walked through the air and walked towards the center of the Sunagakure.
The center was a castle made of sand bricks. The current Kazekage, Gaara, and many of the elite ninjas of Sunagakure lived here.
A ninja was standing guard on the high platform. He saw a big bird flying towards him.
Suddenly, three white spiders fell from the sky and landed on his body.
“What… what is this?” The ninja standing guard was a little panicked.
“You actually said that this is a [toy]? You really don’t know any art at all!”
The person sitting on the hundred birds was Deidara. “I’ll let you, an unknown fellow, experience it!”
As Deidara spoke, he pressed his palms together and formed a seal. The few spiders that landed on the sentry quickly exploded.
The sentry quickly died.
Deidara jumped down from the hundred birds and landed on the high ground of the Sand Castle.
At the same time, a man with a gourd on his back appeared in front of him.
It was the Kazekage, Gaara.
Although he was discovered, he was very happy in his heart. He didn’t need to search for it himself, and the target appeared on his own.
Then, Gaara raised his left arm, and a few grains of sand on the ground under his control flew towards Deidara.
When Deidara saw this, he instantly jumped over a hundred birds and flew into the sky.
Of course, he wasn’t trying to escape. Instead, he wanted to use the advantage of the air against the ground to attack him.
Unfortunately, he had thought of something good.
At this moment, under the feet of Gaara, sand quickly rose up, pulling into the distance between himself and Deidara.


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