Novel Name : Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 530

Chapter 530

On the floating sea, the Sunny crashed into the floating wall floating on the sea at some point.
“That guy is really weird. He is a Devil Fruit Ability User but he can walk on the sea, just like you, Lin Tian.” Franky was puzzled, and he couldn’t figure out how Brook did it.
Lin Tian looked away from Nami and the others who were driving the Mini Merry, and turned around and explained: “I can walk on the sea because of my ability, but Brook can because of his body.”
“Body?” Sanji immediately puzzled.
“Because Brook’s body is a skeleton, with only light bones left in his body, he won’t sink to the bottom of the sea. As long as he reaches a certain speed, he can run on the sea like that.”
Reluctantly looking away from the screaming fools of Luffy and Franky, Zoro stepped forward and looked at the ghost island, which was blocked by thick fog, and could only see the faint shadow of the ghost island.
The tone is solemn: “This island is not simple. Just being able to turn a small island into a ship is extraordinary, and there is an aura that makes me very uncomfortable.”
“Well, the previous ghost is probably from the island in front of you. This is very likely a ghost island.” Robin nodded and agreed with Zoro’s conclusion.
Immediately some worriedly said: “Let’s call Nami so they don’t run too far, after all, we don’t know anything about this.”
“Don’t worry, this is not a ghost island… just a hiding place for stray dogs.” Lin Tian’s face suddenly showed a disdainful smile, but before Lin Tian could say another sentence, Sanji suddenly let out a scream.
“Ah! No, Nami-san and others disappeared on the Mini Merry.” Sanji stood on the edge of the ship, seeing the sea with nothing in front of him, his face was full of eagerness.
“How could it be possible, they were here just now?!”
Zoro rushed to the side of the boat to have a look. Sure enough, just as Sanji said, Nami, who was driving well before, together with Usopp and Chopper, disappeared strangely on the sea at some point.
Luffy quickly passed Franky in front of him, supported the side of the boat with both hands, and shouted loudly towards the sea area in front of him slowly covered by dense fog: “You guys come back quickly, I want to take the Mini Merry, hurry up.”
“Stupid, now we should be worried about Nami-san!”
Finding that Nami and the others had disappeared, Robin was also full of worries, but when he saw Lin Tian’s confident expression on his face, she became not worried at all.
There are also the words spoken in his mouth before, and the worry in her heart immediately calms down, It seems that Lin Tian should know the true identity of the ghost island in front of him, but why did he not tell the others?
A loud splash sounded, accompanied by the sound of gears turning, everyone’s eyes were immediately attracted, moving towards the direction of the sound source, it turned out to be a ship The anchor of the head fell for some reason.
“Hey, what’s the matter, I checked it before, and the gear was completely stuck, how could it fall by itself?” Franky was very surprised, and he clearly remembered the previous check.
“Don’t worry about it, just pull the anchor up quickly, otherwise the ship will lose its balance when flying in the waves.” Zoro said, pointing to the constantly sliding iron chain.
At this moment, Lin Tian suddenly turned around, showing a different smile, “Come out, the guy hidden in the dark.”
“Is it another ghost?!”
Hearing this, everyone became vigilant by coincidence, and their eyes quickly swept around, thinking that it was the ghost that appeared as before, but there was no figure where everyone looked.
Regarding this, Zoro and the others not only did not relax their vigilance, but became even more vigilant. It is impossible for Lin Tian to lie to them. Now that he has said it, it means that someone must be hiding on the boat.
And they didn’t even notice each other’s figure. It can be seen that the people in hiding are so powerful that they must be hiding in a corner and observing them.
Suddenly, the passage cover on the lawn was opened, but just now, everyone knew clearly that no one had moved a single step.
“Is it a ghost or caused by too much speed.” Zoro instantly pulled out his Wado Ichimonji, his words full of vigilance.
Franky asked directly: “Lin Tian, what on earth is that?”
Among all the people, only Lin Tian found out who came, and only Lin Tian knew what it was.
“Looking for death!”
Although Lin Tian not at all answered Franky’s question, he uttered an angry shout and his face was full of anger.
As the voice fell, Lin Tian slipped his footsteps and stood in front of Robin. He stepped towards the deck, flew over, and quickly stretched out his right hand into the void like an eagle’s claw.
Step on!
Under everyone’s panic gaze, Lin Tian stopped moving forward, but the right hand showed eagle claws tightly spread in the sky, this posture was like grabbing someone’s neck.
But the place where Lin Tian right hand grasped, there was really nothing, only dense fog.
“What, Lin Tian, are you catching the air?” Franky asked in confusion.
“No, not catching the air.” Sanji took the cigarette in his mouth, staring at the place where Lin Tian right hand was placed, there was nothing empty.
Robin walked out from behind Lin Tian, his face was full of surprised expressions, “It seems that we’ve met a transparent person.”
While speaking, he already understood in his heart that why Lin Tian was angry and stood in front of him before. It was all because the person who broke into the boat was a lecherous guy.
“What, transparent man, so amazing, where is he?” Luffy’s eyes lit up immediately, and he was about to rush up excitedly, but was blocked by Zoro’s hand.
They saw Lin Tian, tightly grasping the transparent person in the void, slowly lifting, and said without concealing the killing intent on his body.
“Really an extremely lustful guy, I was originally going to give you a chance to survive, but you actually want to move to even my woman. It seems that you want to court death.”
Hearing this, Robin’s beautiful face shows a hint of blush behind him. With his noble temperament and a hint of blush, Robin’s charm immediately increases by a few points.
Originally, Lin Tian had discovered this transparent guy appearing on the ship, just wanted to see what this guy was going to do.
He didn’t expect him to be extremely lustful, and he wanted to reach out to Robin. For Lin Tian, he had violated Lin Tian’s reverse scale.
As Lin Tian’s right hand pinched and tightened, in the sky finally heard several violent struggling sounds. At the same time, the transparent illusory shadow slowly appeared in front of everyone.
Only when the real face of the transparent man was clearly seen, everyone was taken aback.
“Doesn’t look like a lion, nor a tiger…”
“What the hell is this?”
“I don’t know, but is there really such a disgusting creature in the world?”
“Wow, an animal like a human is really awesome”
Robin spit out one word tightly in her mouth, “Ugly.”
They saw that what Lin Tian grabbed was a disgusting guy that could no longer be described in words, and there were no words to describe that face.
Because all you can see is a face mixed with unknown animal features, with spherical earrings on both ears, wearing a shirt and trousers, a coat with a high-necked long windbreaker, and long boots.
Generally speaking, to describe this guy in front of him as ugly is to tarnish those clothes.
Probably because he was disgusted by the guy in his hand, Lin Tian’s face twisted a little, he held back the desire to vomit in his heart, and threw him out casually.
If he kept watching, Lin Tian felt that he might not be able to eat for the next week.
“I really don’t know how you bastard is able to continue living in the world? I would have committed suicide a long time ago.”
Zoro and the others raised their hands together, agreeing 100%.
“Lin Tian! Die!”
Having been insulted by Lin Tian for his appearance, even though Lin Tian still said it was ugly, his appearance was like that of a man against the scales, his face was full of anger, and he immediately forgot the fear in his heart.
Swinging his hands forward, nothing appeared in the void, but the next moment, two explosions sounded from around Lin Tian.
“Not good!” Robin complexion changed and is about to take action.
Lin Tian was hit, no one saw him move behind the transparent person, his face was indifferent, and his lifting finger lightly waved.
A silver white blade, light flashed along with the commanding dance of the hand, has cut through the arm of the transparent man, and blood is gushing out along the flat wound.
“Trifling ant.”
The severed arm fell vertically on the deck and rolled down the lawn several times until Zoro’s feet stopped it.
As the rolling stopped, the rocket launcher hidden above the arm appeared on the fallen arm.
An arm was easily cut off by Lin Tian, the transparent man was covering the blood-flowing wound, his mouth screamed like a wild beast roar, and he fell heavily.
A cold glow flashed by, and the sharp blade was close to the neck of the transparent person, and the blade was so cold that it penetrated the body and even eroded the soul.
Zoro is full of murderous aura and ordered: “Shut up.”
The transparent man had no choice but to stop screaming, and went deep into the cold air of his soul to let the transparent man clearly understand that if he still yelled, the guy with that sword in front of him would cut his throat without hesitation.
“This guy was the one who was in trouble before, he was so ugly.” Franky exclaimed when he saw the transparent face again.
However, Sanji, who walked over together, stared at the transparent man with light in his eyes, and his body trembled involuntarily. This was not fear but excitement.
As if seeing a peerless beauty, Sanji’s gaze seemed wanting to eat the transparent person under his feet. Beside him, Franky and Zoro trembled in their hearts, and retreated a few steps calmly, keeping a safe distance from Sanji.
“Transparent man, so you ate the transparent fruit, the real transparent fruit, I always thought it was just the legendary Devil Fruit.”
It’s no wonder that Sanji is so excited. Apart from seeing the All Blue, Sanji’s dream is to get transparent fruits.
In that way, you can be invisible, and you can see beautiful women taking a bath without any scruples, and you won’t be discovered. Apart from these, you can also do many things in your dreams.
“But, ah… You bastard, you actually ate it, spit it out, spit it out quickly!” Sanji suddenly grabbed the transparent man’s neck with both hands, and shouted frantically.


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