Novel Name : My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 709

Chapter 709

The Great Dao City was under the jurisdiction of the Great Dao Sect.
Grand Sect Master Tang was also the city lord. The city was not built into the city lord’s mansion. Instead, it was replaced by the city hall. It was the core of the city and was in charge of the matters of the Great Dao City.
Although Old Yan was in seclusion, the operation of the entire Great Dao City was still stable and efficient. It could be seen that there was not much difference between them and Old Yan.
The heat of the sect disciples’ assessment had gradually passed. Many humans and foreign races who had settled in the Great Dao City turned their eyes to the mission that the Great Dao City was about to issue.
There were several locations in the city where missions were issued. The core area, the second phase of the project, and even the third phase of the project that was currently being constructed, all of them had a grand hall that specialized in issuing missions.
At this time, the “Missions Office” was still closed, but there were already many people waiting around the hall.
These people,
Almost all of them were young people who had been eliminated during the test, as well as their friends and relatives.
Completing the mission and exchanging contribution points for a spot was the only possibility for them to become sect disciples.
What they were nervous about was the number of missions.
As the strongest force of the human race, the Great Dao Sect had mercilessly eliminated many great circle geniuses during the assessment. There probably weren’t many spots that could be exchanged through contribution points.
Many Void treading experts were staring at the door of the mission office, wanting to seize the mission with their strength advantage.
Huo De was also a human Void Treading Realm expert, but he was not interested in the mission that the great Dao Sect was about to issue.
He was a loose cultivator.
He had cultivated for several hundred years, but Huo De had never had a companion, had no descendants, and had no family.
Without a young descendant, even if he had enough contribution points, so many that he could exchange for a sect entry, it would be useless.
At the very least, he had never heard that a spot could be transferred.
When he saw the Void Treading Stage cultivators who had brought along talented juniors and were waiting in front of the Mission Division, Huo De felt a little envious.
In his entire life, the Void Treading Stage would come to an end, but if a direct descendant of a genius could enter the Great Dao Sect and become stronger in the future, he might be able to provide him with some precious cultivation talent.
A powerful clan could provide cultivation resources to the experts in the clan.
As for the experts in the clan, they could lead the clan to prosperity… It was a virtuous cycle of generations, and they would only grow stronger if they didn’t provoke a strong enemy.
Huo De… he had also thought of forming a clan.
However, he didn’t even have a companion. It wasn’t that he was ugly, but that he was… poor.
It couldn’t be discussed.
Firstly, he did not have a mansion in a famous city like White Town, but in a secluded mountain, there was a cave that he had opened himself, but it was useless.
Which Void Treading lady willing to live in the cave with him?
Secondly, he did not have a fixed income.
As long as a large clan’s Void Treading realm resided in some resource areas, they would have an endless supply of resources when they went into seclusion to cultivate.
Huo De was only a loose cultivator, and he didn’t know how to forge, refine pills, inscribe runes, grow medicinal herbs, and other methods to steadily earn Origin Crystals.
He could only work for some large clans in exchange for some cultivation resources. In all these years, he barely had many Origin Crystals.
If he couldn’t even afford to raise himself, how could he have a companion, let alone establish a clan.
Sometimes, Huo De was lucky and discovered that some heavenly materials and earth treasures had appeared, but he were no match for other Void Treading realm experts, and could only flee in a sorry state.
Without a divine weapon, without high-level offensive spells and battle skills, Huo De’s combat strength was at the bottom of the Void Treading Stage.
The strong are strong, the weak are weak. In the eyes of outsiders, he is a glorious Void Treading expert, but in fact, he is only a high level fighter.
“If I could have a divine weapon…”
With a Divine Weapon, he would be able to set foot in some areas that he had never dared to set foot in before. He would have more confidence in competing with others for Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures. The rate at which he could earn Origin Crystals would increase by several times. He might be able to purchase a second Divine Weapon in no time at all…
However, the premise was that there was a Divine Weapon.
“A while ago, White Town ‘Gathering Treasure Pavilion’ sold a Divine Weapon. It was almost the only way for me to obtain a Divine Weapon…”
However, he still could not afford it.
Huo De clenched his right fist and patted the center of his left palm. “Let’s go all out. In the past, there was no chance at all. Now, there is at least a hope. The construction of Dao City has just begun, and there are still many opportunities. I have to take this time to earn more Origin Crystals. Maybe I can buy a Divine Weapon…”
Huo De no longer hesitated and strode forward. Just as he passed the hall where the mission was posted, the door suddenly opened.
Many people who had been standing in front of the hall suddenly rushed into the hall, and the streets outside the hall suddenly became a little empty.
Huo De blinked. “Why don’t we go and take a look?”
He was not interested in entering the sect, but he thought that among the young people fighting for missions, there might be some that could not complete the mission… Then wouldn’t he have business!
Huo De walked in.
The inner part of the hall was even wider, like a starry sky. The crowded crowd outside the street all rushed in, but the hall did not seem crowded.
As soon as he entered, he felt a faint but continuous spiritual fluctuation spreading through the entire hall.
After a moment of hesitation, he accepted the spiritual wave.
It contained some simple information about the “Mission Distribution Office”.
“Just a single hall to issue a mission used space technology and some kind of spiritual communication technology. The Great Dao Sect’s methods are so brilliant.”
He looked around. In the starry sky of the hall, there were countless bright stars. Each star represented a mission.
After entering, you can see the specific details of the mission.
You can also use your spiritual energy to directly explore.
Huo De’s spiritual energy expanded and connected to a few stars.
Collect the black gold fire lotus. Reward: 150 contribution points/ flower.
Open a factory in Big Dao City and recruit 10,000 workers. The operation is good. Reward: 100 contribution points.
Obtain any one of the medals issued by the City Hall, reward: 200 contribution points.
Clean up the beasts within 1,000 kilometers around the City, reward: calculated according to the degree of contribution. ]
Investigate Assassin ‘Magic Shadow’. Reward: 100-1000 contribution points.

These missions were all based on the middle and upper levels. Huo De then extended his spiritual energy to the lower levels of the starry sky.
Huaihe Region – Third Construction Team recruitment – two earth-type Metahumans.
Requirement: Cultivation level above the fifth level of the Awakening Realm. Also, master one type of earth-type techniques, and one type of earth-type techniques.
Reward: 0.5 contribution points per day.
Capture a hundred flying beasts.
Requirement: The beasts’ cultivation level is above the fifth level of awakening, and a hundred beasts require an average male and female to belong to the same group of beasts.
Reward: 20 contribution points.

Huo De had gained an understanding of the difficulty of the mission and the corresponding rewards.
He looked left and right, but there was no scene of fighting for the mission as he had imagined.
“True, there are many stars in the palace. The number of missions is much more than I imagined. There are all kinds of strange things. There are even missions to move bricks.”
Huo Dezhi paid for it. He could pay for most of the middle and lower level missions. For example, the mission of capturing beasts, there was no lack of high-quality flying beasts in the Azure Mountain Range. For him, there was almost no danger, so it would only take a bit of time.
He looked at the side of the hall. It was a long river of stars, and according to the instructions, it was a list that could be exchanged.
Huo De used his spiritual energy to check it out, and the next moment, what came into view was a list of exchanges that couldn’t be finished even after rolling for ten minutes with a mouse.
Oh, the mouse was something he had learned in Dao City in recent months.
The most eye-catching item on the list was [ – Outer Sect disciple slot * 1, worth 1000 contribution points.
“It’s not cheap!”
Huo De calculated slightly and knew that even if he was in the Void Trampling Realm, it would not be easy to accumulate 1000 contribution points, let alone those young people who were generally only in the Body Sculpting Realm.
-Not all young people had the help of the elder who had stepped into the Void – although contribution points could not be traded, they could be completed by the young people after they took on missions.
This was not against the rules.
“My chance has come. Those young people should be willing to go bankrupt in order to join the Great Dao Sect, right?”
Felt that it was his opportunity, but when he saw the next line, he threw all the bullshit substitute training and the instance behind him!
It only takes 998 contribution points for a Void-Treading Soldier!
Don’t want 9W8, don’t want 9,800, just a mere 998!
Why would he need a spot to enter the sect ?!
He was stupid enough to help others do missions!
“Wait a minute…”
Huo De suddenly reacted. The prizes that could be exchanged for at the mission post were not only for the entry to the sect?
The Void Stepping Divine Weapon was also written with ‘unlimited!’!
There was also the Unity Divine Weapon!
Divine Domain-Grade Divine Weapon!
There were even legendary treasures that could quickly restore the genesis Qi, such as the “Kiwi Fruit”.
He fell into deep thought again. He felt that the names on the list of Divine Weapons, rare treasures, strange items, puppets, spells, battle techniques… all of them looked familiar.
“Isn’t this most popular goods in the Treasure Gathering Pavilion? No wonder it feels familiar!”
“Could it be…”
Not only Huo De, but many Void Treading Realm Unity Realm cultivators also came to a realization.
It had only been a few months since the Treasure Gathering Pavilion had appeared, but it could be seen by almost all the forces in the continent.
In just a few short months, it had even squeezed out the overlords of the same profession.
The most important reason was that the Divine Weapons of the “Gathering Treasure Pavilion” were almost unlimited, and the quality was the highest among the same kind!
However, just the quality was not enough. Many people had guessed that the “Gathering Treasure Pavilion” was backed by a top force.
“That’s true. With the strength of the elders of the Great Dao Sect, it is enough to deter those forces with evil intentions. In a competition on the surface,” Gathering Treasure Pavilion “is even more crushing than the peers.”
Some of the Void Tramplers in the hall had originally suspected that the great Dao Sect could take out so many divine weapons and treasures as rewards, but when they saw that the “Great Dao Sect” and “The Treasure Gathering Pavilion” were from the same family, they instantly didn’t have any doubts.
“Treasure Gathering Pavilion” sold dozens of divine weapons on a daily basis, but they didn’t see that it was broken!
Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!
The stars in the starry sky dimmed down. Huo De was startled, and he quickly took out the identity card that he had previously applied for at the registration office – he had originally thought it was an ordinary ID card, but he had casually thrown it in the corner of the storage ring. He hadn’t expected it to be so intelligent.
It seemed to be called… called “One Card Opening”!
Huo De approached the stars and carefully looked at each star embedded on the wall. He took out his identity card and inserted it into the card slot on the star.
“Beep, Void Trampling Card.”
After taking several tasks in a row, the stars dimmed.
Five missions are the limit of my current Void Treading realm cultivation. However, if the completion rate of the missions is high, the upper limit of the missions I take can also be increased…
Huo De did not waste any more time. He turned around and walked out of the palace hall. He intercepted a shared hover car on the street and drove to the edge of the city in a few minutes.
It was also the operating boundary of the shared hover car.
Huo De paid the Origin Crystals required for the ride, got out of the car, took a few more steps, and stepped out of the range of the Void Sealing Formation.
Genesis Qi swirled around his body, and in the next second, he disappeared into the horizon.

Many humans and foreign races who had received their missions left the Mission Distribution Office.
Some were here for divine weapons, while others were there for the spots to enter the sect.
Two hours after the mission office was opened, more and more Void Treading Stage experts rushed over when they heard the news. The young people who had originally wanted to enter the sect saw that there were many missions, so they were not in a hurry. They were only choosing missions that were most suitable for them.
However, when a group of Void Treading Stage cultivators entered, the stars representing the missions dimmed one by one. The young people who dreamed of becoming a disciple of the sect could not sit still.
“Big brother, I accepted the mission to clear the ant nest. Let’s go quickly. I can only accept a mission after I finish this mission.”
The young man who had awakened the ninth level urged his elder brother who was already in the Void Treading Stage.
The big brother with thick eyebrows and big eyes pondered for a while. His gaze swept over the stars of the missions. Finally, he took out his identity card and waved it. “Actually, I have already accepted five missions. So, I have to settle my own missions first.”
Who was the one who vowed to help him obtain a sect entry?
How could you betray your cute little brother with thick eyebrows and big eyes!
Big Brother Thick Brows patted his little brother on the shoulder. “My cute and adorable little brother, do you see that? A Void Treading Divine Weapon only costs 998. It’s even cheaper than your entry to the sect. So…”
Big Brother Void Treading realm took advantage of the dazed look in his little brother’s eyes and slipped out of the mission hall.
The same thing happened to many Void Treading realm elders.
Originally, most Void Treading realm cultivators were very relaxed. They had a feeling of having no hope of breaking through and enjoying the feeling of living in their later years. Occasionally, they would bring along outstanding juniors and treat it as a contribution to the clan.
But now,
The mission contribution points could be exchanged for many high-level cultivation resources. Many of them were obtained by them without any channels normally.
As long as they had enough high-level cultivation resources, as well as some medicine that could break through realms and condense source cores, it was not impossible to break through to the Unity Realm before their lifespan came to an end!
They could not afford the goods of the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, but they still had one life. If they could not afford to spend crystals, could they not afford it
Take a fight, step on the void and become one, liver to liver, and from then on it will skyrocket.
In this kind of situation, who would care about the younger generation of their family? In the end, they were just the younger generation that had been eliminated by the Great Dao Sect. In the future, if they could become outer sect disciples, they might not have much achievements.
And even if they only had a one in a thousand chance of breaking through to the Unity Realm, they still had a chance to become a Unity Ancestor.
As for the Great Dao Sect, even though it was a holy land for humans, how many of the eight hundred inner sect disciples and three thousand outer sect disciples would be able to break through to the Unity Realm in the future?
I’m afraid there aren’t many of them.


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