Novel Name : Emperor’s Domination

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5838: Bastard

Chapter 5838: Bastard

“Clank!” After sealing Nether, they also sealed themselves onto the tree.
This surprised everyone even more than when the overlords decided to silence Lord of Derivation.
“Traitors!” Voices within them roared furiously.
“Crack!” Cracks appeared on their body with light shooting out. Something wanted to break free but the laws of the tree suppressed them.
These laws then drilled into the cracks, causing them to bellow in agony. They eventually dragged out a ball of light from each of them. Each light ball was blinding and spectators had to close their eyes.
“Rumble!” They struggled, wanting to break free.
“Buzz.” The primordial laws intensified and started refining them. It only took a second before the information contained within became available to Li Qiye.
With that, the laws broke through the sky and traveled across numerous dimensions and secrets. Their destination was the river of stars in Elder Galaxy.
The endless dimensional layers and concealments evaded Li Qiye’s laws no longer.
At the same time, Lord of Derivation returned once more. This time, he clearly had grievous injuries and lost a considerable amount of vitality.
The four overlords thought that their strike and Li Qiye’s retaliation would have been enough to instantly obliterate Derivation and prevent recovery. After confirming the kill, they would self-implode and leave nothing left, making it impossible for Li Qiye to find them.
Not only would they kill the mad and unpredictable Derivation, but they would also ruin Li Qiye’s ongoing efforts.
Alas, Li Qiye didn’t follow the plan and targeted them instead. He woke the emperors up, allowing them to act on their own volition and trap the overlords with the help of the primordial tree.
Once the cores of possession were refined, Li Qiye gained access to information including their locations.
“Assholes, this isn’t over!” Derivation shouted after recovering. He thought that the possessed emperors would at least buy him enough time to escape. However, they actually tried to kill him.
His rage knew no bounds, wanting to devour the other overlords. Unfortunately, this was not the time to do so.
His first action was escaping but when he turned around, Li Qiye appeared before him.
“You’re not going anywhere.” Li Qiye smiled.
“Brat, you want to one versus five? Move and let bygones be bygones.” Derivation shouted.
“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and said casually: “One versus five is precisely what I want. I’ve been waiting a long time for this day, the day of your demise.”
“I’m afraid you don’t have the ability.” Derivation retorted. In reality, the only thing on his mind was to get away, not linger around and fight Li Qiye.
“Rumble!” Meanwhile, Li Qiye’s four primordial laws had pierced through enough dimensions and concealments to reach the gates of the hidden overlords.
When their gates were destroyed, their coordinates became fully exposed.
“Serves you right.” Derivation was ecstatic to see this.
He was dragged down by the founder, beaten by Li Qiye, and ambushed by his allies. Now, they were in the same precarious situation as him.
As for the spectators using the mirror, they understood that Sword, Profound, and Hao Hai were spies.
“I see...” Calamity murmured.
“How I waited for this day... all our efforts were not in vain.” World Emperor couldn’t contain his excitement with tears in his eyes.
He knew these plans and secrets all this time, guarding them closely and paying a heavy price - the destruction of his clan.
“Bastard...” Nightmoon Conqueror didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after realizing Sword’s true goal.
Others became emotional. Some of them made sacrifices over the years for the betterment of the world. Alas, what they did seemed insignificant compared to the trio.


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