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My Abilities Come with Special Effects Chapter 585: Beginning to Break Through

Chapter 585: Beginning to Break Through
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On Green God Planet, Lin Yan had heard of the Spiritual Realm fragment.
Because Green God lacked spirituality of the world, the Spiritual Realm collapsed. Due to the existence of the spirituality of the world, the Spiritual Realm still existed.
What kind of place was the Spiritual Realm?
Lin Yan suppressed his thoughts and put on the bracelet.
“You also provide quiet room breakthrough services, right?”
“Sir, do you need it?”
“One room.”
“The fee for the quiet room is based on the number of days. The lowest grade 4 room only costs 100 Liu Planet coins a day.
“Third-grade, 1,000 Liu Planet coins a day. Second-grade, 10,000.
“The highest grade requires 100,000 Liu Planet coins per day!”
Lin Yan asked, “The prices are world apart. What’s the difference?”
“It’s mainly because of the density of the Spiritual Droplets.”
The woman explained, “The spirituality of the world on the Liu Planet is thin. We use a special spiritual array to gather Spiritual Droplets. The concentration of Spiritual Droplets in the fourth-grade room is three times that of the outside world. The third-grade room is six times, the second-grade room is twelve times, and the first-grade room is twenty-four times.”
The density of the Spiritual Droplets increased in doubles, but the price increased tenfold!
“Let’s go to the highest first-grade room. Let’s book it for seven days first.”
“Sir, you’re wise. The higher the density of the spirituality of the world, the faster the breakthrough, and the easier it is to form a high-grade spiritual pattern. The Treasure Image will also be significantly stronger.”
The woman beamed with joy. “The breakthrough chamber is not here, but close to the Spiritual Nexus Pavilion. You’ve booked a first-grade chamber. It’s a luxurious VIP room, and there will be a special car to pick you up. Please wait a moment, sir.”
The woman returned quickly. She had already packed all the things Lin Yan had bought. Then, she led Lin Yan downstairs and arrived outside the mall.
A luxurious-looking car was parked by the roadside.
“Sir, please take a seat. The driver will take you there. The remaining money…”
“Keep it for me. 1 might need a long time to break through.”
“Then I’ll keep it for you.”
The woman smiled and sent the car away. Then, she revealed a strange expression.
A Rank-1 cultivation room with 24 times the concentration of Spiritual Droplets could already reach the concentration of some of the main planets of the Holy Fan Association.
In such an environment with dense Spiritual Droplets, it would take at most two hours to break through to the Treasure Realm.
Therefore, most people would usually book a first-grade quiet room for one or two hours.
This gentleman looked quite extraordinary, but he was too confident to say that it will take a long time for him to breakthrough.
She shook her head and smiled. When this gentleman finished breaking through, he would come out. At that time, she would naturally be able to settle the money.
Sitting in the car, the interior was luxuriously decorated. The driver was very professional and didn’t say a word as he drove forward.
Soon, they left the city and circled along the mountain path for a long time. Finally, they arrived at a luxurious manor hidden in the quiet mountains.
“Fan Martial Club, so that’s the name of this manor.”
The manor was antique and decorated exquisitely everywhere. It was also erected at the top of a tall mountain, as if it was closer to the sky.
As the attendant led him in, there was nothing for him to worry about. Soon, he was brought to a luxurious and spacious room.
This was a suite. There was a bedroom, a bathroom, and a huge martial arts hall.
On the table beside him, there was also a menu thoughtfully placed. In addition to the daily unlimited delicacies, he could also order additional meals, but he had to pay an additional fee.
Lin Yan didn’t have many requirements for food for the time being.
As soon as he entered the room, he immediately felt that the spirituality of the world in this room was as dense as a fog tide!
Although it could not be seen with the naked eye, his spirituality felt as if he had fallen into a warm sea of Spiritual Droplets. If he had not forcefully suppressed it, he would have started to devour a huge amount of Spiritual Droplets the moment he entered!
But now, he could no longer suppress it.
After carefully checking everything, Lin Yan’s Spiritual Image and Heart Image were completely prepared. He immediately walked to the center of the martial arts hall, sat cross-legged, and began to break through!
The moment he removed the suppression, the Heart Image figurine that contained the Spiritual Image seed in his tailbone space suddenly opened its eyes!
In an instant, it was as if a whale had swallowed everything. Endless spirituality of the world was extracted from the air around the room and poured into his body crazily!
His Heart Image’s suction force was so strong that the spirituality of the world in the room was instantly sucked dry by him!
Fortunately, in the next moment, an endless stream of spirituality of the world was replenished and absorbed by him!
“My body has only come into contact with the spirituality of the world once. As a result, the absorption speed this time far exceeds my imagination.
“After condensing the Treasure Image, not only will my spiritual power increase greatly, but my body and spirituality will also take a big step forward under the catalysis of the spirituality of the world!”
Lin Yan was overwhelmed with emotions. He closed his eyes and focused, meditating to break through.
At this moment, everything was normal in the Fan Martial Club. No one noticed anything strange.
Until an hour later.
“Attendant! Where’s the Spiritual Droplet? Where did the Spiritual Droplet go?”
Suddenly, a person pushed open the door of a grade-3 cultivation room and shouted.
Immediately, an attendant went up to them.
The two of them conversed for a while, and the attendant’s expression was strange. He first calmed the customer’s emotions before immediately reporting to the manager.
“What? You’re saying that the spirituality of the world in Room 303 is gone?”
The manager was a mature and experienced middle-aged man. When he heard this, he immediately followed the attendant to Room 303.
The customer had been waiting here for a long time. The manager went in and sensed it. His expression changed slightly. “It’s really gone!”
At this moment, the door of another quiet room opened.
“Someone, take a look at what’s going on in this room!”
The manager went out to take a look. It was Room 305, a third-grade quiet room.
“Please wait a moment.”
The manager hurriedly went in. The spirituality of the world was actually weakening!
Then, three more guests came out in a row.
301, 302, 306!
These were all third-grade and fourth-grade cultivation rooms. The spirituality of the world inside had either completely dissipated or was constantly weakening. It was about to disappear!
“304! Are there any guests in 304?”
The manager quickly asked the attendant.
“Just now, a guest came over. Madam sent him over. She said that he’s a big customer and has booked a grade-1 meditation room for seven days!”
“Consort Ming?”
The manager took a deep breath. “It seems that the problem lies with this 304 customer. He must have absorbed too much spirituality of the world during his breakthrough. As a result, the few quiet rooms connected to his room are no longer supplied.”
The spirituality of the world used in the cultivation room was released after they absorbed and stored it with special spiritual arrays and artifacts.
In order to ensure stability, a Grade 1 quiet room was surrounded by Grade 3 or 4 rooms to prevent the Grade 1 quiet room from being unstable.
The manager comforted the other customers and changed their rooms. He exhaled slightly. “Seal the surrounding quiet rooms first.. Concentrate a pipeline on Room 304!”


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