Novel Name : Everything Is Too Easy After Maxing My Talents

Everything Is Too Easy After Maxing My Talents Chapter 525: 223, Heavenly Fate is not in Zhou!_l

Chapter 525: 223, Heavenly Fate is not in Zhou!_l
Translator: 549690339
On the battlefield, countless soldiers were engaged in fierce battles.
As the scales of victory gradually tipped towards the alliance army, a golden sun suddenly appeared in the sky.
Li Yueming walked out of the tent step by step. As he walked, the golden light on his body became more and more dazzling. At this moment, it was really like a sun slowly flying into the sky!
On the battlefield, all the soldiers were stunned. They stopped fighting and looked up at the sky.
Everything they saw was like a miracle, deeply shocking everyone’s hearts!
After flying into the sky, Li Yueming looked at the Star Moon Army’s crumbling defense line and said lightly,””Since the establishment of the Starmoon Army for decades, our foundation has been to be close to the people, love the people, and respect the people. We treat every ordinary citizen as our family and friends…
“As for you, most of you are also the children of the people of Northern Ice
River Town. After joining the Starmoon Army, your job is to protect Northern Ice River Town and all the people in the world who are suffering, so that the glory of the king’s way can shine on the entire world!”
“The Starmoon Troop is a soldier of the heavens, and will definitely save the world. Are we going to be defeated in such a war?
Li Yueming’s voice wasn’t loud at all.
For the current him, there were many times when he really did not have that much emotion.
However, this did not stop the Starmoon Troops from worshipping him like a god.
Therefore, the members of the Star Moon Army below them all retorted in unison,” The Star-Moon Army will never give up!!”
The soldiers who had received great encouragement seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. The morale that had been low because they could not see any hope was thrown away in an instant.
For the Star-Moon Army and the people of Northern Ice River Town, Li Yueming was the sun, the light, and the chosen one they followed.
Moreover, the sun was still emitting a sacred golden light.
Hearing the answer, Li Yueming nodded slightly.
Then, he looked at the Zhou Dynasty reincarnators not far away.
At the same time, the reincarnatators were also sizing him up.
It could be said that the two sides were not strangers. After all, most of these reincarnators had graduated from the Great Zhou Cultivation College, and many of them had met Li Yueming before.
But now, because of their different standpoints, the original brothers had to fight.
Looking at Li Yueming, whose entire body was covered in golden holy flames and whose face was full of hostility, the Great Zhou reincarnators ‘faces flashed with joy.
It had to be known that Li Yueming had not appeared on the battlefield before today, causing several reincarnators to suspect that Li Yueming had abandoned everything and ran away.
Now that they saw Li Yueming appear with their own eyes, all the reincarnators could not help but heave a sigh of relief.
It was good that he did not run away. Otherwise, it would be troublesome.
Capturing Li Yueming was obviously a great achievement.
If they could obtain it, then their future career in the Great Zhou officialdom would definitely be smooth sailing.
Moreover, as long as they eliminated the reincarnators in Northern Ice River Town, the entire Great Zhou would be in their hands in the future.
After finally suppressing the strange expression on his face, a reincarnator said, “Back in the academy, I heard that Senior Brother Li’s strength was extraordinary. I wonder how true the rumors are?”
The attention of the reincarnators from the Great Zhou Dynasty had all shifted to Li Yueming.
Huang Li ‘er, Ding Yi, and the others finally took a breather.
Looking at Li Yueming who was emitting golden light not far away, Huang Li ‘er, Ding Yi, and the others were not worried that the other reincarnators would threaten Li Yueming’s comfort.
After all, as the core members of the Starmoon Troop, no one knew Li Yueming’s current strength and realm better than them.
Even if he couldn’t turn the tide of the battle on his own, he still had the strength to protect himself.
Therefore, when he saw Li Yue Ming personally fighting, Ding Yi’s first sentence was not to tell Li Yue Ming not to take the lead, but to remind him,’”General Li, be careful!”
Li Yueming nodded to show that he knew what to do.
With his current strength, he could definitely do whatever he wanted on the battlefield.
The only thing he had to pay attention to was not letting the assassins sent by the Great Zhou succeed.
Without wasting any time, Li Yueming took out an Earth-grade Hundred
Refined Spear and rushed in the direction of the Great Zhou reincarnators.
In the eyes of most people, the sun in the sky seemed to have suddenly turned into a dazzling meteor.
It streaked across the sky and rushed towards a Great Zhou reincarnator who took the initiative to move forward not far away.
His speed was as fast as a streak of light. In just the blink of an eye, he had moved thousands of meters and rushed over at an extremely terrifying speed with unparalleled killing intent.
The reincarnator who was being stared at by Li Yueming was shocked.
Although he had heard that Li Yueming was very powerful in the Great Zhou Cultivator College and was one of the best among the natives of this world, he boasted that he was also a powerful reincarnator and had always felt that his combat strength was not weak.
That was why he chose to be the first to step forward.
However, he did not expect that he would be scared out of his wits by Li Yueming’s murderous aura in the first exchange.
Before he could fully prepare for battle, the fiendish Li Yueming had already arrived in front of him at an unbelievable speed.
After getting close, he stabbed again and again.
The spear in Li Yueming’s hand was like a dragon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. It quickly threw out a spear flower..


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