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Following a Hundred Years of Cultivation, I’m dying Before I Got Cheats Chapter 536: Dao Seeking Academy, Twenty Years Later

Chapter 536: Dao Seeking Academy, Twenty Years Later
Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations
Seeing this, the new students immediately came back to their senses and bowed to the white-dressed woman.
“Greetings, Academy Master!”
“Good, all of you, raise.”
The woman in the white dress said softly.
However, her voice seemed to be ringing in everyone’s ears, like the sound of a bird’s chirp.
At the same time, they could clearly feel a very gentle force straightening their bent backs.
At this moment, the woman in the white dress said,
“I believe you don’t need me to elaborate on the rules.
Here, I just want to say one thing.
Regardless of whether you have mutant spiritual roots, two spiritual roots, three spiritual roots, four spiritual roots, or even five spiritual roots, as long as you don’t give up on yourself in my Dao Seeking Academy, you will always have a chance.
I hope that from today onwards, you will be proud to be a student of my Dao Seeking Academy.
And I also hope that in the future, my Dao Seeking Academy will be proud to have a student like you.”
After saying this, the woman in the white dress did not stay any longer.
Her figure slowly disappeared.
Seeing this, the instructors immediately bowed again.
“Farewell, Academy Master!”
After a while.
Some students asked curiously about the Academy Master’s identity.
At this moment, the Jiang family’s Foundation Establishment disciple said with admiration,
“You guys don’t know yet, right? Our Academy Master is the personal disciple of our Jiang family’s ancestors. At the same time, she’s also a famous Golden Core in the state of Jiang. It’s said that wherever she goes, all demons and demonic cultivators will flee in all directions.”
“It’s actually the personal disciple of that Nascent Soul ancestor?”
All the students were shocked.
They did not expect that the Nascent Soul old ancestor would actually send his personal disciple to be the Academy Master of their Dao Seeking Academy.
From this, it could be seen that the old ancestor placed great importance on this matter.
At this moment, no matter who it was.
Even those disciples from large sects and families could not help but feel a passion burning in their hearts.
Time passed quickly.
In the blink of an eye, it was more than ten years later.
In the past ten years, the development of the Dao Seeking Academy had become faster and faster.
There were already several batches of new students entering the school.
The earliest batch even completed their studies in the low-level ten years ago and successfully entered the mid-level curriculum.
In addition, the order in the entire Jiang Nation became more and more stable.
At least on the surface, not many people dared to openly kill and snatch treasures.
Even if there were occasionally, they could only hide in the shadows and not really dare to appear.
Because those who did were all met with misfortunes.
As the order of the entire Jiang Nation changed and people’s hearts gradually gathered due to the influence of the Dao Seeking Academy, the luck of the human race in the state of Jiang also soared rapidly.
Jiang Chengxuan, who had just ended his seclusion, felt this the most.
This was because be it refining his intrinsic Dharma treasure, the Deep Earth Halberd, or using the Tiankui Grass to undergo body tempering, he found everything progressing smoothly without any obstacles.
It had been almost twenty years.
His Deep Earth Halberd had successfully advanced to a level 5 True Treasure.
Including his body tempering cultivation, with the help of the Tiankui Grass and other body tempering spiritual items, he successfully advanced to the mid-stage of level 5.
Moreover, he had also gained some understanding of how to repair the damaged spiritual veins.
As long as there were enough materials, he was confident enough to repair some low-level spiritual veins.
Of course, he would only know if he could succeed after putting it into practice.
However, according to Jiang Chengxuan’s estimation, the probability of success was about 60 to 70%.
At that moment, the door of Shen Ruyan’s cultivation room suddenly opened.
Shen Ruyan walked out.
As soon as she appeared, Jiang Chengxuan sensed the change in her aura and was surprised.
“Madam, your cultivation…?”
Shen Ruyan nodded with a smile.
“I consumed that Human Lightning Fruit and broke through two levels in a row.
Moreover, all my divine powers and True Treasures have increased greatly.”
“Then congratulations, Wife.”
Jiang Chengxuan congratulated sincerely.
Then, the couple chatted for a while.
After a while.
After a while, Jiang Anran and Jiang Renyi, among others, arrived to report on the developments of the past twenty years, particularly about the Dao Seeking Academy.
The couple listened very seriously.
After a while.
Jiang Renyi’s face revealed a hint of hesitation.
Jiang Chengxuan saw his abnormality and immediately asked,
“Renyi, what’s wrong?”
Jiang Renyi hesitated again, but in the end, he said to the two of them,
“Granduncle, Xu Qianhe, Elder Xu, from the Shen family passed away three years ago.”
“Hmm? Elder Xu passed away?”
Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan were stunned when they suddenly heard this news. Then, they fell silent.
Xu Qianhe was an old friend they were quite familiar with in the past.
Now that they suddenly heard the news of his death, it naturally stirred their emotions.
At their cultivation level, their mental state was already very strong.
However, having a strong mental state did not mean that they did not have the emotions that humans should have.
It was not like they had become a block of wood or ice while cultivating that were indifferent to the departure of his old friends and family.
In the end, the increase in cultivation and mental state only allowed them to see the truth of this world more clearly and comprehend the Dao deeper.
When looking at problems, they would judge, think, analyze, and make choices or decisions that were more beneficial to themselves and people around them.
However, they were definitely not like the demonic beasts that didn’t have feelings.
Nor was being emotionless the pursuit of the couple in the journey of their cultivation.
“Tomorrow, let’s go back together and pay our respects to Elder Xu.”
At this moment, Jiang Chengxuan turned to Shen Ruyan and said.
He did not think that with his current cultivation, status, and identity, there would be any problem with paying tribute to a cultivator who was only at Violet Palace.
The current him was no longer bound by notions of status or hierarchy. His heart and actions were free from the constraints of such worldly distinctions.
After all, a significant aspect of his cultivation was the pursuit of freedom and ease.
Shen Ruyan was the same as Jiang Chengxuan.
When she heard Jiang Chengxuan’s words, she immediately nodded.
Actually, there was something else they didn’t say.
As Xu Qianhe passed away, the old friends, relatives, and friends they were once familiar with should not have much life span left.
If they failed to make a breakthrough in their cultivation within the given time, they too might inevitably face the fate of passing away in a hundred years.
Even if they were given life-extending spiritual items.
The next day.
Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan arrived at the Shen family as promised.
Because they had already informed Shen Yuanlong and Shen Daoming before they came, they did not attract much attention from the Shen family disciples.
Soon, the four of them arrived in front of Xu Qianhe’s tombstone..


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