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Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife Chapter 548: Clan Contribution (2)

Chapter 548: Clan Contribution (2)
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The human Venerable Sovereign reminded them, “Shen Ping has already done a lot for the race. Half of the credit for Immortal Venerable Qi and Immortal Venerable Yu being able to obtain ten beast pattern golden fruits this time is his. How can the race ask him for more?”
Immortal Venerable Bing said, “Venerable Sovereign, this is not a request, but a transaction. If Shen Ping doesn’t have any other needs, we’ll naturally give up.” At this moment, Immortal Venerable Yu suddenly said, “I think we should give Shen Ping a clan contribution.”
As soon as he said this, the scene instantly fell silent. All the Immortal Venerables looked at Immortal Venerable Yu. Among them, Immortal Venerable Yao, who was as beautiful as a painting, frowned and said, “Immortal Venerable Yu, do you know what you’re talking about? Only Venerable Sovereigns and Immortal Venerables can obtain the contributions of the race. Although Shen Ping is the first Beast Spirit genius of our race and has made our race’s ranking soar and obtained two Beast Pattern Golden Fruits, don’t forget that he’s only a Body Integration cultivator. What right does he have to obtain the contributions of the race?”
“That’s right. How important is the contribution of the race? How can we give it to a Body Integration junior? If word gets out, won’t the foreign races laugh at us humans?”
“Let’s talk about contributions after he becomes an Immortal Venerable in the future.”
“Immortal Venerable Yu, you’ve become a genius of the Beast Spirit and have a good impression of this junior. There’s karma between you, but you can’t speak nonsense!”
For a moment, Immortal Venerable Yu became the target of public criticism. The human Venerable Sovereign interrupted, “Alright, the contribution of the race is very important. Don’t talk nonsense.”
Immortal Venerable Yu hurriedly said, “Yes, Venerable Sovereign.” The Venerable Sovereign continued, “As for the ownership of the other Beast Pattern Golden Fruit, let’s give it to Immortal Venerable Yao. The Beast Pattern Golden Fruit in Shen Ping’s hand belongs to him. Even if we want to trade, we have to get his approval. I’ll send a message to his master and ask her about this.”
After it ended, Immortal Venerable Qi went to Immortal Venerable Yu’s immortal abode to drink.
“Fellow Daoist Yu, why did you propose the contribution of the race today? Is there any other meaning?” Immortal Venerable Qi asked in confusion. Even if Immortal Venerable Yu thought highly of Shen Ping, he would not mention it at such an important occasion.
Immortal Venerable Yu raised his head and drank a few mouthfuls of immortal wine. He smiled and said, “Although Shen Ping has contributed a lot, the contribution of the race naturally can’t be said. The reason why I suggested it is mainly to stop others from talking.”
Immortal Venerable Qi came to a realization. “You mean that someone might use their clan contribution to privately trade with Shen Ping and obtain the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit?”
“That’s just one part of it.” Immortal Venerable Yu sighed. “Venerable Sovereign’s thoughts are the most important. Shen Ping’s strength is still too low. If Venerable Sovereign mentions it, even if the other Immortal Venerables object, they won’t be able to say it directly. Instead, they will let Shen Ping stand out in the forest. This is not a good thing for him.
“We both owe him a favor. And this time, the reason why you and I can obtain so many beast pattern golden fruits is because of Shen Ping. Therefore, I really don’t want to see such an outstanding junior of the human race destroyed.” Immortal Venerable Qi raised his wine cup, “Fellow Daoist Yu, you’ve really put in a lot of effort.”
Immortal Venerable Yu smiled, “You and I should be carefree, but with the appearance of the Myriad Spirit Ranking, the future of our human race is unpredictable. Moreover, in our realm, although we have selfish motives, we should take care of the overall situation.”
Immortal Venerable Qi nodded. Actually, after hearing this, he basically knew what Immortal Venerable Yu’s goal was. The entire human race was not united. Even if the Myriad Spirit Ranking united the human race, the spies of the foreign races had long been hidden deep inside. Even the Immortal Venerables could not be fully trusted, and Immortal Venerable Yu was taking precautions.
Sword Seal City.
Luo Xia Peak.
When the humans were discussing the ownership of the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit, Shen Ping was also thinking about this problem. He now had a total of 11 Beast Pattern Golden Fruits in his hands. They could make Wang Yun, Yu Yan, and the Dao companions become Beast Spirit geniuses. However, his son and future children would not have such a chance.
Of course, no one could predict what would happen in the future. He might even be able to obtain the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit again. However, there were some things that had to be done first. If he could become a genius of the Beast Spirit earlier, he would be able to gain the upper hand in comprehending the Beast Scripture.
After Yue Lingluo found out about this, she shook her head and said, “Husband, I suggest you ask Sister Yun’er and the rest for their opinions. I know you’re thinking of us, but the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit might not be suitable for us.” She said seriously, “Whether it’s me, Wang Yun, Bai Yuying, or the others, their comprehension and talent are very ordinary. To be able to cultivate to this extent, they mainly rely on resources. And you told me that although Beast Spirit geniuses can also rely on resources, they have a huge requirement for comprehension and the bloodline of strange beasts.
“I don’t deny that becoming a Beast Spirit genius can increase our combat strength, but it’s very difficult for us to reach your level. We can’t even compare to that sister from the Wingeds. Therefore, to me, instead of becoming a Beast Spirit genius, I might as well be an ordinary cultivator and transcend the Tribulation Transcendence.”
Shen Ping was stunned. He really did not think of this, or rather, he subconsciously ignored it. He always wanted to give his wife and concubines the best sense of security. Now that he heard Yue Lingluo’s words, he finally reacted.
“Husband, Yun’er, Sister Ying’er and the others are actually under a lot of pressure. With a husband as talented as you, they really want to chase after and help you.”
Shen Ping fell silent. In the end, he smiled bitterly and said, “Lingluo, you’re right. I was too naive. However, I still have to ask Yun’er and the rest for their opinions.” He immediately brought Yue Lingluo back to the City Lord Residence of Gray Stone City.
Most of his wife, concubines, and Dao-companions were in seclusion. However, Shen Ping still asked them to end their seclusion temporarily. Pei Huoyu and Qiu Ying were at the critical moment of breaking through to the Divine Transformation Realm and could not be disturbed.
Wang Yun, Yu Yan, Bai Yuying, and the other women sat on chairs in the spacious main hall. He did not let his son, Shen An,come.
Shen Ping told them about the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit. Indeed, Wang Yun and Yu Yan’s thoughts were similar to Yue Lingluo’s. They did not want to become Beast Spirit geniuses.
“Husband, the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit is extremely precious. It’s a complete waste to use it on us. Why don’t we use it to nurture An’er and our other children in the future?”
“That’s right. When we were in the True Treasure Pavilion, we got to know many geniuses who comprehended the techniques of strange beasts. Every one of them was extremely talented. Even they found it difficult to study them thoroughly after spending a lot of time, let alone us. Even if it’s an ordinary Immortal Dao Hundred Arts, it’s a headache for us to study and comprehend them.”
“Doesn’t An’er have the bloodline of a strange beast? It’s most suitable for him.” He saw that his wife, concubines, and Dao-companions were all like this. Therefore, Shen Ping could only helplessly dispel this thought. He glanced at the cultivation levels of Yu Yan, Bai Yuying, and the other women. He took out the Taiyi Void Immortal Talisman and said, “You’re not far from the Divine Transformation Realm. This immortal talisman can speed up the flow of time. When you enter seclusion, cultivate under this immortal talisman. I believe that when you come out of seclusion, you’ll already be at the Divine Transformation Realm.”
Bai Yuying, Yu Yan, Luo Qing, and Mu Jin’s talent and comprehension were indeed average. Although they had taken a lot of spiritual treasures over the years, some of them had improved their aptitude, Divine Transformation was still a big threshold for them. He arranged for his wife, concubines, and Dao companions.
Just as he was about to ask about his son, his master’s voice came from the resplendent crystal.
“Disciple, do you have any extra beast pattern golden fruits on you?” Lian Xuejin said, “Previously, although the higher-ups of the race agreed to let you deal with the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit on your own, this treasure concerns the future of the race. If you have any excess, you should try your best to contribute it to the race.”
Shen Ping was speechless. His master was good at everything, but she was too concerned about the overall situation. However, he would not blame his master for this because if not for his master’s personality, the five continents and four seas would have long collapsed. He would not have been able to become a genius of the Beast Spirit. “Master, did the higher-ups of the race ask you to contact me?” He asked.
Lian Xuejin nodded. “Venerable Sovereign sent me a message personally.” “Venerable Sovereign?” Shen Ping became serious. He did not expect the Venerable Sovereign to personally appear. No matter what, he had to give the Venerable Sovereign face. “I do have extra, but I can only contribute one!” It was not that he was stingy. When he was in the palace, he used two to trade with Immortal Venerable Qi and Immortal Venerable Yu to take care of the


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