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I Hijacked The Timeline Chapter 546: Mind-calming Potion (1)

Chapter 546: Mind-calming Potion (1)

After seven days of sleepless nights, Feng Qi finally entered all the information in his mind into the Scarlet Research Institute’s database.
After leaving the database library, he went to the Scarlet Research Institute cafeteria alone and had a big meal.
After dinner, he went straight to Wei Wei’s private laboratory.
At this moment, the laboratory door was not locked. He walked straight in.
Wei Wei’s private laboratory was expansive, spanning over 5,000 square feet. It housed the most advanced experimental equipment available.
There was also a special glass cabinet specially built on the north side of the laboratory. It was neatly divided into squares and placed with domain creatures’ rune crystals of different colors.
The glass cabinet that stored the rune crystals was also filled with labels. They were used to classify and label the rune crystals in detail.
At this moment, Wei Wei was wearing transparent protective glasses and her body was wrapped in a protective suit. She was also holding a tube of reagent in her hand and conducting some kind of experiment.
Seeing this, Feng Qi didn’t go forward, afraid that he would affect Wei Wei’s progress.
After waiting for a moment, Wei Wei, who was focused, suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.
At this moment, she turned to look at Feng Qi who was standing not far away.
“Have you finished recording the information?”
“Yes, it’s all recorded. When did you realize that I was here?”
“I sensed it the moment you stepped through the door. I may not be a cultivator, but I’m highly attuned to subtle perceptions. That’s the primary reason I could successfully carry out the rune modification surgery. Subtle perception is an innate ability of mine.”
With that, Wei Wei reached out and picked up the glass tube on the instrument.
“I’ve made the mind-calming potion, but I haven’t tested the specific efficacy in detail. Why don’t you try it yourself?”
Looking at the faint golden liquid that was still bubbling in Wei Wei’s hand, Feng Qi couldn’t help but ask curiously.
“This medicine isn’t poisonous, right?”
“Don’t worry, this tube of medicine is made from the Golden Rainbow Fruit produced by the Gold Coin Domain Field. The spiritual material itself doesn’t have any energy other than mental power. The mental power contained in it mainly serves to calm the mind and doesn’t have any side effects. I made it to amplify the effect of calming the mind. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked you to test it.”
When he arrived in front of Wei Wei, he reached out and took the faint golden potion from her.
Just as he was about to drink it, he suddenly stopped and couldn’t help but ask curiously.
“This vial of potion has just been concocted. Is there a data record of it? Otherwise, I might die after consuming it.”
WeiWei nodded.
“The entire process of concocting is recorded, and the data is also preserved. It’s easy for me to concoct the same medicine again, so you don’t have to worry. Drink it.”
Hearing Wei Wei’s explanation, Feng Qi was relieved.
At this moment, he picked up the faint golden potion and drank it in one gulp.
When the liquid entered his mouth, it was tasteless like pure water.
When the faint golden liquid slid down his throat, he did not feel any abnormalities.
He subconsciously opened the attribute panel, wanting to see if it had the effect of increasing the energy percentage.
However, the truth was just as Wei Wei had said. There were no other energy substances in the potion, and the value of the energy progress bar did not fluctuate.
Just as he was feeling puzzled about this, he felt a sense of comfort in his head.
It felt like a gentle breeze had swept by, and his body eased. Immediately after, a fleeting sense of euphoria washed over him for a few seconds.
Although the duration was short, he still felt the pressure on the mental level ease.
“It seems to be effective.” Seeing the change in Feng Qi’s expression, Wei Wei smiled and said.
“It’s effective, but it only lasts for about five seconds. The effect is not very obvious.”
Wei Wei couldn’t help but frown.
“Only five seconds? Looks like my modulation results aren’t ideal.”
“It’s not considered a failure, right? Wouldn’t it be fine if I drank more?” Feng Qi couldn’t help but ask curiously.
“You’re thinking too simply. The Gold Coin Domain Field was dispersed five years ago. The spiritual plants produced inside were divided among the major cities at that time. The reserves of Golden Rainbow Fruits in our resource bank are very limited. Before we find them to help you relieve the effects of negative emotions, we have to use them sparingly.”
“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have tried to increase the effect of the Golden Rainbow Fruit on your mind by concocting it. Wouldn’t it be more convenient and faster to give you the fruit directly?” Wei Wei couldn’t help but roll her eyes.
Looking at the enlightened Feng Qi, Wei Wei pondered for a moment and continued.
“How about this? Wait on the sidelines. I still have one plan I haven’t attempted. I’ll give the second plan a try and see how effective it is.”
“Alright.” Feng Qi immediately nodded.
Next, Wei Wei threw herself into concocting the Golden Rainbow Fruit again.
Feng Qi chose to stand not far away and watch.
The experiment began. Wei Wei took out three Golden Rainbow Fruits from the icebox in the laboratory.
At this moment, he saw the Golden Rainbow Fruit clearly.
The fruit was only the size of an ordinary apple. It was golden all over and was covered in a layer of red light that was almost invisible to the naked eye.
Wei Wei shattered all these Golden Rainbow Fruits and turned them into a faint golden liquid. Then, she took other spiritual materials that she had prepared long ago and began to try mixing and concocting the medicinal liquid.
Throughout this process, her primary aim was to utilize the medicinal properties of other spiritual materials to enhance the effects of the Golden Rainbow Fruit.
In comparison to the process of brewing Heart Cleansing Wine, Wei Wei’s concoction of the mind-calming potion was exceedingly intricate. Feng Qi felt overwhelmed by the complexity..


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