Novel Name : The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful Chapter 531: Zunong’s Action, True Buffet, Elf Squad

Chapter 531: Zunong’s Action, True Buffet, Elf Squad
Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation
After several days of travel, the Wasteland Guild led by Zunong, the Jungle Guild led by Pando, as well as many smaller guilds and solo players from the Bass Kingdom’s camp, finally withdrew from the front lines and returned to the Bass Kingdom’s territory.
They coordinated with some Bass Kingdom soldiers who had rushed from the city of Kaiserven and successfully cleared out the Lienhardt Marine Corps that had been blocking llkand City, regaining control of the mountainous areas outside llkand City.
As for the Lienhardt fleet that had traveled a thousand miles to launch a surprise attack on llkand City, upon seeing numerous enemies and the arrival of reinforcements, they chose not to stay and fight but promptly retreated, disappearing into the vast sea.
It was at this moment that they received news of the Thorey and Pelan Kingdoms declaring war on the Bass Kingdom and the Bass Kingdom Expeditionary Force retreating and entering a defensive phase. Many were shocked.
Just yesterday, they heard about the Bass Kingdom’s imminent capture of Feiguang City, with a seemingly unstoppable offensive that could have wiped out Lienhardt. Now, why had the situation suddenly taken a turn for the worse, plunging into such a negative outlook?
However, among the Bass Kingdom camp players who felt that things were not going well and had become somewhat pessimistic, there were very few who felt a burst of joy.
Inside a mansion in llkand City.
“The Lienhardt army has entered the territory of the Bass Kingdom, and their morale is extremely high. The Bass Kingdom Expeditionary Force has left only a small portion of its troops to delay the enemy, while the main force has retreated to llkand City.”
“I heard that the Northern Thorey Kingdom and Pelan Kingdom have also launched their full-scale attacks. Guild Leader, why do I feel like the Bass Kingdom is about to fall? Shouldn’t we consider running away?”
Looking at the anxious expression of his trusted subordinate, Zunong calmly took a sip of tea and replied, “No rush.”
No rush? Guild Leader, the enemies are about to kill us upfront!
As the Wasteland Guild, aligned with the Bass Kingdom camp, they would undoubtedly be targeted by Lienhardt once the Bass Kingdom was defeated.
They would either face annihilation or expulsion, and either way, it would spell their doom.
Seeing Zunong’s calm demeanor, the subordinate suddenly calmed down and asked in a low voice, “Does Guild Leader already have a plan?”
Zunong smiled without answering and instead asked, “Have our brothers all returned to the city?”
“Most of them have gathered in the city, but llkand City doesn’t allow our troops to enter. We can only camp and build defenses outside the city to confront the Lienhardt army. It’s clearly using us as cannon fodder!”
Zunong’s expression darkened. Keeping their troops outside the city without the protection of walls was essentially making them cannon fodder.
Damn it, they really don’t treat us like human beings.
Zunong’s expression grew serious, and he said in a deep voice, “Since they don’t treat us as equals, then we won’t serve them either.”
“What do you mean by that, Guild Leader?”
“I’ve reached an agreement with Ji Chen. If we turn against the Bass Kingdom and help Lienhardt win this war, not only will Lienhardt not hold us accountable for our previous mistakes, but they will also reward us handsomely.”
His trusted subordinate’s expression changed, almost shouting out, but after looking around to make sure there was no one nearby, he cautiously spoke, “Can we trust this? Setting aside whether it can be achieved, what if Lienhardt turns on us afterward?”
In this place, deception and intrigue were common, and no one could guarantee the authenticity of such promises.
Zunong was no fool, and he wouldn’t take his entire guild on a risky venture based solely on Ji Chen’s words.
Setting down his teacup, Zunong stood up with a solemn expression.
“So, we must send our men to the Lienhardt army first and get a commitment from someone with enough credibility.
Ji Chen told me that we could send someone to approach Monica, the daughter of the Duke of Lienhardt. A commitment from a native of her caliber would be credible enough.
Right now, have our contacts get in touch with Monica immediately. Ensure all communication is done privately, without the Bass Kingdom finding out; they are wary of us as well.”
The in-game chat system was the most discreet means of transmitting information between players. Even if the natives monitored it, they couldn’t know when the information was being passed.
Watching his trusted subordinate depart, Zunong took a deep breath, loosening his clenched fists. He realized his palms were sweaty.
He was not a person to sit and await his fate. If the Bass Kingdom was destined to fall, he wouldn’t go down with it.
However, he also didn’t mind giving a gentle push from behind to a Bass Kingdom that was already teetering on the edge.
Coincidentally, in another mansion located on the opposite side of llkand City, Pando, the leader of the Jungle Guild, also issued similar orders to his trusted subordinates.
Beneath the calm surface of the sea, there were hidden undercurrents swirling.
At the same time, deep within the ancient battlefield’s mystic realm, on a moss-covered slope’s steep face.
Benbo rushed down from the slope and came before Ji Chen, saluting and saying, “Master, we’ve found a hidden mountain valley entrance about three kilometers ahead. There are a large number of black creatures there, and it seems to be one of their habitats.”
Ji Chen nodded; he was curious about these creatures that were as black as charcoal and resembled crawlers.
What were these creatures surviving on?
Setting aside the incredibly tough conditions of the desolate ice fields and ignoring the vast icebergs and various dead bodies, there was nothing else..
How could they possibly discover sufficient food to support such a large population of dark creatures?


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